Book of Ra Online Casino Game Review

Book of Ra Online Casino is a Starburst-inspired rainforest game from Betsoft, playing on five reels with 10 wins in both directions. Sea of Tiger expands with three middle turns and gets sticky as the rest of the rolls breathe This can be repeated up to 3 times, and you can expect more frequent triggers in the bonus round. Volatility is medium, and you can win up to 500 times your bet.

Betsoft is known for its visually pleasing slot machines, which often feature three-dimensional elements and movie presentations. Book of Ra Online Casino makes it a little easier, but the humid and colorful rainforest environment is a refreshing contrast to the cold crystal imagery found in most Starburst clones. It’s certainly not a simple copy, as it has a better math model and a bonus round to complete it.

The biggest difference in the mathematical model is the overwhelming 97.03% RTP because the 500x maximum winnings are the same. The bonus round also refers to the expanding sticky wild breath feature , and it is triggered much more often during free spins (see below in the review for details and statistics). Overall, this is a very worthwhile copy job because it includes enough twists and upgrades to be a solid alternative to the original.

Book of Ra Online Casino site features

The wild tiger can only land on three middle rolls, and it expands to cover the entire roll whenever it appears. First you get a profit calculation when the wild has expanded, and then all the other discs “breathe.” This rewards the calculation of a possible second win, and if you roll another wild, the process repeats. Of course, the wild goes to all the regular paying symbols to help you form winning combinations.

You start the bonus round by releasing 3 Moonglow scatters on the three middle reels . This gives you 10 free spins , and this feature works like a regular game. In other words, it is a sticky prolonged wild tiger’s breath and you cannot reuse the bonus round. The free spins feature is triggered an average of once every 85 rounds, which is a pretty good strike rate.

Total winnings increase from 21.87 percent in the main game to 38.23 percent in the bonus round, so you win more often. In addition, the chance of a wild respin shot also increases from 8.66 percent in the base game to 24.85 percent in the bonus round. Finally, your odds of winning also increase slightly from 55.06 percent in the base game to 64.25 percent in the bonus round.

Book of Ra Online Casino – Review Summary

This time around, Betsoft takes inspiration from NetEnt’s iconic Starburst, as Book of Ra Online Casino revolves around the expanding sticky wild breath feature. Of course, Book of Ra Online Casino’s settings are very different, and you also get a steady 97.03% RTP in this game. Volatility is a nice environment, and the bonus round is triggered quite often.

Visually, it’s much more interesting to see what Sher Khan looks like being injected with steroids than the cold cosmic visuals you get in Starburst. The atmosphere in this game is generally warmer in addition to the excellent math. The biggest win is still “only” your bet of 500 times, so Betsoft has lost the opportunity to encourage players with even stronger potential.

Plus Book of Ra Online Casino: 

  • Extends sticky wild breath breaks
  • Bonus round with more frequent breathing
  • Win up to 500 times your bets
  • RTP 97.03%