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A middle-aged man sat at the card table, staring intently at his cards, trying to make out what they were. He placed them down on the table with a smile – he had won this hand! His name was Lewis, and it was his brother’s birthday party today. All their friends had gathered together here at the Dunder Casino, which they visited quite often. It wasn’t too long before Lewis realized something else: he couldn’t read casino dunder bonuses the numbers on the dice! He called over one of the casino hostesses who said that there was nothing wrong with them – that it is just his glasses that needed cleaning again. “I’ll be back soon” he promised everyone as he got up from

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He couldn’t see where he was going. There were people everywhere, gambling away their life savings – for all he knew, they could be millionaires! The lights glinted against the gold earrings on one woman’s ears; her lips shone red with glossy lipstick. Lewis wondered what she would look like if she ever won anything… probably not like this anymore.

He stepped out of the casino and breathed in the fresh air. It was getting late – he had been gone for ages, and now he couldn’t see anything clearly. He decided to head home but realized that he wasn’t in a familiar place. He just kept going, hoping he would recognize any landmarks passing by soon.


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He reached the edge of the casino, where he saw somebody. A dark-skinned man with a shiny bald head sat there playing on one of the slot machines. Lewis tapped on his shoulder – “Excuse me?” The man turned around excitedly that someone had finally come to play with him. “I’m sorry,” Lewis explained, “I just need some help finding something to clean my glasses with.” He looked at them closely, holding them up so that they were in front of his eyes.

The bald man couldn’t understand why he was laughing and smiled at him politely as Lewis went off to find someone with a cloth once again. It didn’t take long the second time and the glasses were cleaned in no time – but what had been on the https://www.gamblingnews.com/news/man-suspected-of-stealing-1m-from-poker-pro-goes-to-jail/ other side of them? He quickly returned back to his brother’s birthday party, where everyone was still waiting for him. As he sat down, one of Lewis’s friends came over to check that he was alright, but before she even got close enough to see his face properly…she fell out of her chair! He suddenly realized what had been on the other side of his glasses: it wasn’t dirt after all, but a cockroach!